• Double Sided Eva Foam Tape (White) - 18mm X 8m

Double Sided Eva Foam Tape (White) - 18mm X 8m

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Size : 18mm X 8m
Colour : White

Double Sided EVA Foam Tape is made of ethylene vinyl acetate foam (EVA) as backing material which double coated with a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive of excellent adhesion and PE-coated paper as release liner. As a description, EVA Foam with IUPAC name of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Foam is a flexible and closed cell foam with high percentage of cross-linkage. Thus, Double Sided EVA Foam Tape has high recovery ability after compressed by force

-Widely applied on sign, nameplate, purchase display, book rack, photo frame and cable clip
-Used as decorative material for craft making, artwork, origami making, gift wrapping and cushioning
-As glue replacement material for envelope sealing, scrapbook making, woodworking and advertising
-Outdoor signs and car license plates

*Not recommended for wood vanish or painted surface.


What's in the box 1 x Double Sided Eva Foam Tape (White) - 18mm X 8m
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